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“In HEMFA, we attempt to achieve above and beyond expectations.”

This scheme is an ambitious blueprint for the journey of the house of expertise (HEMFA) in this field, through which we strive to be the best consulting company in Libya, with a professional reputation and high quality, while adhering to the principles on which our company was founded, and contributing to the development of the market.
It goes beyond this ambition to be among the best in the Arab region and the world.

Muhammad Al-Senussi – General Manager of HEMFA


Expert House Company (HEMFA) was established in 2012 in Tripoli to provide the best administrative and financial consulting services to companies, local and international institutions, non-profit organizations, and individuals, following the best international practices recognized in this field. Since its inception, HEMFA has taken upon itself continuous expansion, striving for development and innovation, and thinking about the future, to become one of the best leading consulting companies in the region, as our experts and consultants provide an integrated series of high-quality services to meet the needs of the business community.

During this simple period, the company achieved a distinguished reputation in many areas related to administrative and financial consulting, administrative systems, and quality systems, risk analysis, critical review points, human resources development, economic feasibility studies, market research, cost management studies, training and other consulting work related to financial aspects such as corporate mergers and privatization And corporate valuations and others.

Our roles are not limited to consulting only, but to provide training related to it, as well as the follow-up, evaluation, and carrying out the required administrative roles to the fullest and best quality. If you are a new customer and are looking for someone to manage your business and help you grow it, then the House of Expertise (HEMFA) is the right choice for you.


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“Shaping the future by bringing innovations to the workplace.”

Our Values

At the Experience House (HEMFA), the way we work is just as important as what we offer. We are guided by a set of six values. These values make up the DNA of our business, reflecting the unique blend of traits found in each member of our company.

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